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Gotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4
Gotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4" King - Click to enlarge
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Gotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4" King

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From our Staunton by Design collection, the Gotham offers both collectors and chess set connoisseurs a new and exciting design that will prove a favorite. The Gotham strays from pure Staunton with its unique features and lines that are best described as art deco. The pieces share an elegant profile with beatiful curves and simple shapes. There are no collars adding to the uniqueness of the design, yet the pieces retain a Staunton familiarity. The ebony is pure black and polished to a beautiful glossy shine. The boxwood is beautifully grained and with the ideal medium amber color.

The king is 4.4" tall and has 2 different finials that can be interchanged according to your personal taste. The queen has only 5 points with each point topped with a round finial. The bishop miter is not separated from the body with a collar yet is pronounced in its shape. The knight's retain their Staunton form with features such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth rendered and intricately detailed. The rooks are slender but have the traditional crenels cut into the parapet. The pawns have a unique elongated head with a pointed top.

The Gotham includes our Deluxe Chess Coffer lined inside with real billiard cloth. This two tray coffer is very large and designed specifically for our club size chess sets. The New Empire is truly a masterpiece in wood and belongs in all great chess set collections!

  • Ebony & Boxwood

  • Green Billiard Cloth Pads

  • Includes 2 Extra Queens

  • Includes Deluxe Chess Coffer

  • Certificate of Authenticity (2 copies)

  King Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn


4.4" 3.75" 3.25" 2.875" 2.5" 2.5"


1.875" 1.75" 1.5" 1.5" 1.625" 1.375

Weight (oz)

4.6 3.9 2.6 2.7 3.6 1.6

Note: These are nominal measurements - minor variations may be found.

The Chess Store, a U.S. company, and Amritsar Ivory Works in India bring you the finest Staunton chessmen in the world. Amritsar Ivory Works is the largest manufacturer of wood chessmen in the world having designed and made chess sets for the prestigious Jaques of London and the popular House of Staunton. Working together, Amritsar Ivory Works and The Chess Store continually strive to develop unique and innovative chess sets with unmatched quality and unbeatable value.

Gotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4" KingGotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4" King
Gotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4" KingGotham Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood - 4.4" King

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