Fame SA001 Painted Metallic Crusade Chess Set Pieces
Fame SA001 Painted Metallic Crusade Chess Set Pieces - Click to enlarge
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Fame SA001 Painted Metallic Crusade Chess Set Pieces

Item #FAM-SA001
Our Price: $85.95
List Price: $99.99
Manufacturer: Fame Products
Sku: SA001
Dimensions: King size: 2-7/8"
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This meticulously painted themed battle set is most definitely a chess set that brings back the Crusades, right to your table! From the splendid colors of the pieces for both armies to the lifelike poses of the different chessmen, this historically based set will bring visions of the 'Holy Land', armies marching across Europe and through Constantinople, and the fearful battles for what was once called the center of the world.

The European chessmen bring back the era of heavy Frankish and English knights, the era of heavy armor, armor so heavy that if a man was once off his horse, he couldn't move within it! On the other side, the Turkish chessmen bring back the era of the lightly armored military of the Turkish empires, the era of the mounted archer disappearing and reappearing over the rolling desert sands in lightning attacks.

When put together, this could only spell one thing for the European forces, defeat! Yet, through the heat of the desert lands, they fought bravely, and managed some success through the many Crusades sent to the Holy Land.


  • King size: 2-7/8"
  • Base: 1-1/8"
  • Pieces: All metal, weighted.
  • Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Pieces only. Chessboard not included.

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