Fame 6363 Egyptian Chess Set Pieces II - Click to enlarge
Fame 6363 Egyptian Chess Set Pieces II - Click to enlarge
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Fame 6363 Egyptian Chess Set Pieces II

Item #FAM-6363
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Manufacturer: Fame Products
Sku: 6363
Dimensions: King size: 3-1/4" tall, 1-1/8" bases
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Do you have an interest in ancient Egypt? Or the ancient mysteries that abound there? This Egyptian II theme chess set offers you some of the ancient greats of Egypt--from the pharoah to the obelisk, it will feel like your playing with history!

The king of course must be the pharoah: what else would be so synonymous with Egypt? Ramses II and Khufu are a few of the great pharoahs and noted for their accomplishments. The queen is also a pharoah which brings to mind the ancient ruler Hatshepshut, one of the women pharoahs of Egypt, and the best known woman pharoah, Cleopatra. In addition, although most people would assume that the pharoahs were Egyptian, a notable exception was Alexander the Great!

With the rooks represented by the notable Egyptian obelisks, the pawns by the fearsome-looking Anubis(the jackal), the knights by Ra(father of the gods) in the form of a falcon, and the bishops rounding out the set as Bastet(the sun goddess) seen here as the cat, the set literally is soaked in history!

The white pedestaled pieces have flesh-toned pieces versus the shiny gold tones of the opposing side. The black based pieces with the gold tones appear to have come from a statue gallery in one of the pyramids with their vibrant colors and distinct stances!


  • Pieces: Non-weighted, plastic resin, hand painted.
  • King size: 3-1/4" tall, 1-1/8" bases.
  • Pieces only. Chessboard not included.
  • Set weighs 3 pounds.

Fame 6363 Egyptian Chess Set Pieces IIFame 6363 Egyptian Chess Set Pieces II

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