Fame 6197 Pirates vs Navy - Click to enlarge
Fame 6197 Pirates vs Navy - Click to enlarge
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Fame 6197 Pirates vs Navy

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Dimensions: King: 3-1/4" Base: 1-1/8"
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If you have a hankering for a little piracy, or maybe playing 'cop' 18th Century style, have a look! This stunningly designed theme set brings back to life the salty air and pitched battles upon the high seas! Both sides are resplendent in their outfits. The Navy men and pieces all have that air of trimness about them that you'd expect to find in the court of the queen of England! And the Pirates have that lackadaisical appearance just as you'd expect the Pirates to have. Living their lifestyle beyond the law, they were the law to themselves, and enjoyed it! By their casual stances and bold fronts, you can see the life of the free-booting pirate portrayed in every inch.

The famous pirates of the preceding centuries make a long list. A few of the famous names are Henry Morgan, 'the King of All Pirates', William Kidd, feared throughout the Atlantic Ocean, and Sir Francis Drake, the 'Gentleman' Pirate, commissioned by Queen Elizabeth in the year 1572 to operate against all Spanish shipping and holdings. Altogether, the history of the great pirates adds a lot of spice to the tale of the settlement of America, and the unsettled periods of the 18-19th centuries.

The commander of the blue Navy pieces looks every bit the English captain. From his carefully powdered wig to his immaculate coat and buttons, he suits his office to the letter! His wife appears at his side charming in her long blue dress. Kerchief in hand she is ready for all oncomers. The bishops depict trim gentlemen, easily representative of English lawyers or judges. The knights are stern-faced mariners, with sword buckled to their sides and telescopes in hand, ready to spot the enemy! The castle of the English seaman was none other than the galleon, and the ship rolling on the blue waters provides useful support from the rear. Maybe those cannons are rather real after all! The ranks of pawns in front--marines armed with muskets--await the onset of battle stoically, just waiting to give their training and arms the real test.

Of the opposing forces, the Pirate king is the most imposing figure. With his eyepatch, pistol, hook for a hand, and wooden leg, he looks the image of what everyone imagines the Pirate king to be! He even has his pet monkey at his side waiting to perch on his shoulder and make faces at the oncoming mariners. The pirate lady as the queen epitomizes the few women who went to sea with the pirates. The ones who did were extremely bold, outgoing, and fearless, and this piratess seems like no mismatch! The bishops represent the African men, who sometimes became Pirates themselves. After all, a life of freedom and piracy was far better than the life of a slave on a plantation. The knights and pawns take for their models some of the lower orders of pirates. They were the ones who did most of the work and shared all the danger, but sometimes had the 'best' times, because they didn't have to be the watchers of the crew ensuring mutiny wasn't at hand. And finally, the Pirates necessity, and castle; his trim seafaring vessel, designed with the only purpose of attacking, and fast escaping!

With a blue vs red color theme, and the pirates sporting red vs the navy's blue, the features of this set are numerous! Bright colors, lifelike figures, the tang of salty air(well, almost), and an interesting battle at hand--you can't resist the allure of using this set all the time!


  • Pieces: Non-weighted, hand-painted, and plastic resin.
  • King size: 3-1/4" tall, 1-1/8" bases.
  • Pieces only. Chessboard not included.
  • Set weighs 3 pounds.

Fame 6197 Pirates vs NavyFame 6197 Pirates vs Navy

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